I work with everyone to make sure products and services work well for everyone

Trained by and worked with leading founders, UX designers, engineers, HCI researchers, and consultants, I take a multi-disciplinary approach at user experience design and work with all stakeholders to evangelise user and stakeholder-centricity in products and services.
Having experience and skills in different product and service development processes, I contribute individually and collaboratively to organisations. I am looking for opportunities to collaborate with talents and contribute to any challenges your organisations and clients are facing now and beyond.

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About Me # 1

A holistic and detail-oriented researcher and designer with core skills in qualitative research, facilitation, and prototyping

About Me # 2

A collaborative and proactive designer that take ownership of work, and step up to facilitate when needed

About Me # 3

An adaptable and multidisciplinary designer with an inquisitive mindset who constantly solves problems within constraints

I successfully expanded the scope of project with board members and improved the outcome of a newly developed digital app of a hospital
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
Usability Research, Service Audit, Wireframing
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I led research with children that led to conception of a new service and product for social goods
Qualitative Generative Research, Mixed-Method Evaluative Research
Read Neighbour In Need's Case Study
I managed and led usability research amid tight timeline, improving designs and conversion of new features and journeys
Mixed Method Evaluative Research, Prototyping, UX&UI Design
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I utilized novel prototyping methods to conduct evaluative research in mixed reality space
Generative Research, Ideation Facilitation, Prototyping, Usability Research
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