Hong Kong Adventist Hospital: Improving digital healthcare experiences

How might we facilitate stakeholder-centricity in a legacy organisation where development and technology is prioritised over problem-solving?
  • HKAH is one of the top private hospitals in Hong Kong
  • Original ask from the client is to conduct usability audit for the newly developed mobile application for patients
  • Reduced outpatient booking time by 3 minutes per patient
  • Convinced the hospital board to adopt design deliverables as new development objectives
  • Successfully handoff mobile application flows, mid-fi design, and prototype to developers to improve previous design
  • Worked with VPs to expand scope of project and facilitated roadmap planning with managers
I owned and led
  • Service audit by doing shadowing, participant observation, and bystander observation
  • Usability testing and heuristic analysis of the hybrid mobile application
  • Pitch, presentation, and persuasion of an extended project scope
  • Wireframe and UI design for the out-patient onboarding, booking, and in-patient services journeys
  • Creating a baseline design system with simple icon library, typography, UI grid, and colours to help developers maintain consistency
  • Mentoring a junior UX&UI designer and help them in navigating through the design and client management proces.
I supported
  • Refining the UI and user flow for the in-patient payment journey
  • Defining requirements of the system and services under the guidance of a senior UX designer
Methods, tools, and artifacts used
Usability Testing
Heuristic analysis
Service Audit
Service Prototyping
Information Architecture
User Journey
Service Audit Process
Client and us collaborated over Miro, where we all contributed ideas and analysis.
From top to bottom: Information Architecture analysis and usability audit,
As-is and to-be journey mapping,
Wireframe designs and proposed IA
Details of the unreleased designs and artifacts are confidential and cannot be shared. However, I am more than happy to walk you through the research and design process, methods we used, outcome, and learnings.
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