Lean Design

Workfinder: Designing for upskilling youths in the UK

How might we iterate on and innovate with a service platform that connects youth with resources and opportunities to upskill?
  • Workfinder is a platform that upskill young people by connecting them with opportunities and resources
  • Workfinder equips the youth with practical soft skills and hard skills that will help them in achieving excellence in the workplace.
  • Workfinder has a web app platform for both companies/recruiters and youths, and iOS app for youths
  • Researched, designed, and improved job recommendation email and components that led to 6x improvement in applying-to-job conversion.
  • Implemented new feedback system for enterprise users and consumers that saw over 60% response rate
  • Successfully recruited over a dozen non-users within recruitment criteria to conduct interview and UX testing amid tight design and development timeline
  • Designed series of email that led to improve in email CTR and cross-touchpoint conversion
  • Conducted multivariate and A/B testing through Google Optimize, leading to a 12% increase in homepage conversion
I owned and led
  • Generative research through focus group interviews and individual in-depth interviews, leading effort from recruitment to synthesis and reporting
  • Evaluative research through user testing, usability audit, and web analytics using tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics
  • UX and UI design for web interface and iOS app interface for youth
  • Creating a design system and language used within and across teams
  • Creating artifacts such as proto-personas, user journey, and evaluative research data to externalise knowledge and insights
I supported
  • Creating assets and UIs for partnership with 3rd party platforms that diversify and enhance Workfinder's capability and reach
  • Designing for Machine Learning in improving diversity and inclusion of the platform and recruiting
  • Creating marketing assets and materials to externalise knowledge, insights, and new feature releases
Methods, tools, and artifacts used
In-Depth Interviews
Usability Testing
Focus Group Interviews
Multivariate Test
A/B Test
Atlassian Jira
Atlassian Confluence
Proto-Personas and Personas
User Journey
Details of the unreleased designs and artifacts are confidential and cannot be shared. However, I am more than happy to walk you through the research and design process, methods we used, outcome, and learnings.
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